Does this image look familiar?  This is similar to the first image I posted on this blog.  The difference being this is shot taken from a film camera!

It’s my little hobby i’ve been keeping quiet about.  I had two dreams about shooting in film. I did start shooting film but unfortunately my first camera rests in peace and is now a souvenir (or is it?  I can’t remember unpacking it!!)  I literally woke up from the second dream and ran to the computer to search for a film camera for sale, luckily I found one at a great price.  Got it the next day and popped in a left over expired roll of Kodak 400 max.  Still lots of experimenting to with films but look forward to bringing it along to the next wedding or engagement shoot.

Can you tell the difference?  Click the link for the Digital shot.  Would love to know which one you like better!



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