Need some photography advice?  Want to know how I get “that look”?  Well I’m going to give you a snippet of advice on what I do and here is the first instalment!  If there is something you want to know comment below and I’ll add it to the list!

One of the questions I get asked the most is “How do you get that light airy look?”.  Well of late i’ve been experimenting a lot with different light especially with my personal work but for my portrait work I always want to get that beautiful light for my clients.  Here are a few things you can try….

Be fussy where you shoot.  I WILL NOT shoot just anywhere, anytime.  Get your subject to stand somewhere and look at their face.  What can you see?  Is there harsh shadows on their face?  Does their nose cast a shadow on the rest of their face making it look larger than it is?  Or is their a big white unsightly spot on their forehead??  Take the photo, and look at your screen.  What can you see that just doesn’t look right?  What you want in most cases is diffused light.   Right now in Sydney it’s a grey overcast day.  You could photograph anywhere outside because the clouds are diffusing the sun giving even lighting.  But when it’s a beautiful sunny day you need to use an area that’s shaded.  Or you can put the sun behind them depending on where the sun is in the sky.

Trying to photograph inside your home?  Try a room that has light streaming in from the window.  Again position them and look at their face…. harsh shadows?  Move them somewhere else where the light is not directly hitting their face but light enough that your camera can record a good photo.

Can you see from the picture below where the sun is hitting?? Top right (sun is behind) and we have some beautiful sun hitting her hair.  If I had turned her around and moved her closer to the sun we would have some shadows on the face and the photo would just not look right.

_MG_8551 copy

Is lighting something you struggle with?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Again if you have any questions post below or send me through an email to





Just wondering, do you ever use a speed light or reflector or diffuser?

Do you ever use any photoshop actions when editing?

Clarissa Wikeepa - Art of Joy Photography

Hi Bianca, I only use a speed light with a diffuser for wedding ceremony/receptions and always bounce the light as I can’t stand full frontal flash. I do have a reflector but rarely use it. Always use photoshop but the key to a great photo is getting everything right in camera first then a slight enhance in photoshop. That is my preference as I prefer the natural look. More on editing in a future blog post! Thanks for your question.

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