We have had such a lovely indian summer here in Sydney lately that I thought winter would never come.  But the mornings have been getting cooler which must mean that winter is truly on it’s way.  One of the things I love about the change in season is winter fashion.  I am a true summer lover no doubt about that but I do love winter fashion and the different opportunities it provides when we capture your family portrait.  Coats, scarves, beanies, boots (gumboots even!), blankets!  Here are some great ideas for how to accessorise for your winter session.  All looks taken from Seed Heritage.

baby bunny ear beanie - limited stock

Because every baby needs a bunny eared beanie!


Braces on a boy…. need I say more?

cosy boot

Cosy boot, oh so cosy and oh so cute!

fairsle fur trim hat

Fairsle fur trim hat.  Adorable

feather fascinatorNot really screaming winter but it’s so darn cute why not!

fringe bootie

Fringe booties for the funky baby girl

fur lined hightop

Fur lined hightop, need two pairs for my boys!

Llama knit beanie

Llama knit beanie, beanie shots always turn out gorgeous!!two-tone start print scarf

Two tone scarf to add some interest to an outfit!



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