What to wear guide…. Sydney family photographer

February 5, 2014

What do I wear, what do I wear???  One of the most common questions I get asked once my clients book a session.   I always send out my “What to Wear Guide” with every session booked but I thought every now and again I would feature some current trends from my favourite shops with different price points.   All the looks featured here in today’s blog post are all from Cotton On.   The thing I love about Cotton On is they are always up with the trends and the pricing is always reasonable or just a plain old bargain!  I was in Cotton Kids today and it was 30% off everything.  As usual I had to use restraint when it comes to buying kids clothes!  I love dressing my kids (don’t think they love it..) so of course I walked out of the shop with a paisley top and a pair of board shorts and that was a struggle!!   The boys tee featured here is 2 for $20 at the moment.  The girls dress is $19.95 (full price!) as are the ladies India Drapery pant.  The ladies tee is a steal at $10 and the mens tee is also 2 for $20.  And drum roll…. the mens pants are $10!!  Common for ladies pants but not for mens!! I’ll be getting some of those for the man of the house.  So the most expensive item here is the boys pants at $34.95 (full price) but grab them while they are 30% off if you must have them!  The point of the blog post is to show how easy it is to coordinate your family’s outfit for your family portrait session.  You may have something similar in your wardrobe already!  What I have picked here is tailored more towards a relaxed session as mum and dad are in tees rather than a ‘smart casual’ outfit.  You can also see there are tones of blue.  Not all the exact shade of blue but the tones compliment each other without clashing,  There were a lot of variations I could have added all from Cotton On but it’s all up to your individual taste in clothing, what suits your shape and if you would like a relaxed feel or a more formal feel to your portrait or lifestyle session.  So there you have it.  I hope it’s helped in some way to help solve the conundrum of what to wear.  And if all else fails just ask me!

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