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I got asked the other day if my name was Joy!  No (laugh) it’s Clarissa, but it got me thinking “do people know what this name means”?

I’ve been a photographer now for 5 years and before this I was Clarissa Wikeepa Photography.  It’s my name so I couldn’t really go wrong with it but

I really wanted a name that had something to do with my aim as a photographer.  I did a brain storming session (about 10 of them over a space of a year)

and the one thing I came back to was JOY.  Why?  Because when I asked myself what the most important thing for me to capture is, it always came back to JOY.

Life unfortunately isn’t always peachy but those small moments of joy we experience make the ride well worth it.

Joy is found everywhere but the one thing I want to photograph most is family joy, the kind you get when your little one snuggles into your arms or plants the unexpected kiss on your lips!

So why the Art of Joy?

The dictionary states the following:

Art = the creation of works of beauty or other special significance

So art has a couple of meanings for me in relation to my name.

1. How your family create/enjoy their own joyful moment

2. The absolute beauty of the family.  No matter how big, small or dysfunctional it is! 😛

3. It refers to the finished product.  And when you see your photographs printed professionally it really is a work of art!

 I think these pictures sum up the Art of Joy!



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