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March 15, 2015

I’m in the mood to write so here we go… I don’t often feel like this due to how busy things get for me at the moment, but the babies are asleep so let’s give it a go.  Last night I was looking for a blog post I did back a couple of years ago where I shot film for the session.  After I found it (didn’t take long because I’ve got it tagged as film, yay for being organised) I went through all the blog posts after it till the most recent.  Gosh I felt grateful!  My number 3, Keita our one and only baby girl has started school and whenever one of my kids start school I just get all reflective on how fast that 5 years of life goes and how when your a mum it feels like forever.  Your emotions are up and down,  days are long, nights are longer.  Your exhausted, you just want some help.  There are good times, lots of them but sometimes you miss them in your exhausted state.  Anyways I look back on these photos and I just feel so grateful, grateful that I documented those special times and wrote the words that explained it all.  It’s a tiny snippet of what I have taken but it’s there and as I read over it I celebrate those times and look at those kids of mine and how fast they have grown.  They have changed since then, so much and it’s only been a couple of years. My mother in law came to Sydney last month and she showed me some photos of an album my sister in law was gifted (sorry if that’s confusing).  It’s one of their ancestors and is leather bound, ornate and beautiful but what’s inside is treasured.  She showed me the photos and we both marvelled, especially when we came across ancestors that look like family members now.  The resemblance was uncanny for some….  100 years later maybe more or less we are looking at this family album that someone has put together. WOW!  And then I got all tingly because I was thinking “that’s what I do” or that’s what I hope to do for you.  I hope in 100 years time your family members are still enjoying looking at your family album and photos and learning about you.  I hope even more so that you and your family enjoy it, look at it and marvel how you once were.  And if you don’t decide to have official family photos due to different reasons or circumstance get out your iPhone at the very least and take some pics of your family and then most importantly PRINT THEM.  I read recently “what good is a family heirloom in a draw”  and this is true……  Print your photos and enjoy them.  Document your life and share it with your loved ones….


storyboard012storyboard011(I wrote this originally a month ago but just publishing now!  Sick babies are also currently asleep…. funny that)



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