Mini sessions…. raw, honest, kids being kids!

March 18, 2015

Mini sessions announced!  I’m really excited about this!  So much so that it may just have to be an annually or half yearly thing or maybe more often who knows.  But anyway lets just roll with this and see how it goes.  This is for the kids.  Raw, honest, giggling, not listening, shy, screaming, karate kicking kids. I want to see them and photograph them at their best… REAL!  So if you want to dress them cutsey, hipstery or in their dress up’s you can do that but I want to see them as they are!  I’ll also ask you to send through a few words about them.  Tell us what they are like, a few of their favourite things so we know what to be prepared for!

So first step is to email us at to book your spot and then lets go from there!



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