The Parton Family

April 1, 2015

Every family we photograph is a bit of a treat.  Getting to see the little moments between a family is very special but photographing this family was extra special for me because I know their story.  This beautiful child Scout has been long awaited.  I met Ami a couple of years ago at church and we instantly started talking each other’s ears off.  I started following Ami on instagram and then read her blog.  Ami has endometriosis so it hasn’t been easy to fall pregnant but after 5 years they found out they had fallen pregnant naturally right before they were going to start IVF!  I can actually still remember when Ami told me she had a new doctor and she was 90% sure they could get pregnant naturally.  I remember the excitement in her voice!  I also remember her instagram post when she announced she was pregnant, I shed a tear of happiness for her and watched her get crafty as she awaited her bundle of joy (isn’t social media fab!  I may also sound like a complete stalker but i’m not I swear).  So now she is here and she is perfect and they are the perfect little family….

You can read about The Parton’s family adventures here




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